"Transcendence" - A/W 2016 Womenswear Collection

  • Transcendence is a contemporary womenswear collection for Fall/Winter 2016.  The collection is inspired by iron meteorites and how, while rough on the outside, when sliced open they reveal varied geometric patterns and designs inside.  Meteorites become a visual symbol of the earthly, organic nature of humans and yet their inner journey to transcend the mundane to find their place in the universe.  In the collection this balance of the physical and the spiritual is represented through the combination of rough-hewn, almost sculptural shapes composed of chunky knits and textured jacquards with simple, sleek silhouettes and fabrics overlaid with geometric prints.  The color palette for this collection is a mix of neutral earthy tans, creams, ochres and gold with pristine white, cool greys, blues, lavender and violet tones.  
  • Laying out fabrics and knitwear with sketches
  • Looking at fabric and color proportions of collection on forms to make sure there is continuation and variance throughout
  • Leather back detail with gold exposed zipper and snaps
  • Neckline detail: both the grey cropped sweater and the reversible hankerchief dress have an overlapping boatneck detail that adds to the sophistication of each garment while also carrying over the congruency of angled patterns and uneven silhouettes.
  • Hand-dyed and hand-knit merino wool scarf that continues the transition from tactile, organic shapes to sleek, simple, geometric silhouettes and prints.  
  • Final Critique!  More pictures to come!