Health Toilet

  • New York University, Dr. Philip Canterno that i f flushing the toilet cover open,the toilet the instant the
    highest cyclone germs or microorganisms can be brought to six meters in the air, and suspended in the
    air for several hours, Further falls walls and objects. Now most of the family, going to the toilet, wash,
    shower in the bathroom for, toothbrush, rinsing mug, towels, etc. and toil et in a room natural ly very
    susceptible to bacterial contamination.
  • The solution is changed the flushing button on the lid. So that after people use toilet, they have to close the lid and they can see and press the flushing button.
  • The New Question:If people close the cover to flush, I don’t know the inside is clean or not. However, if I open the cover, the bacteria will also fly out and affects people’s health.
    Solution:The middle of toilet seat cover is set to transparent, people can be an intuitive understanding the excreta is washed clean or not, and can be as needed to do the second flushing.
    The Third Question: The investigation discovered that, in 32% chamberpot circle has the shigella, one kind named “in Song” the shigella which can survives in the chamberpot circle for 17 days
    Solution: Set the Ring-UV lamp inside the toilet seat cover to completely kill bacteria on the seat.
  • Simulate the effect of disinfection.Uses 220V to transfer the 24V transformer, 24V is the safe voltage, even if leaks cannot have the danger.
    After the experiment, the vavle can be controlled by the push-botton through the toilet cover.
    The LED lights to simulate the disinfection lamp.