Midway Senior Thesis: Live_Work Community, Spring 2015

  • This posting is my midway process of my Senior Thesis Capstone at Philadelphia Univeristy Spring 2015. The project I am developing is a Live_Work Community. The project is located in Manyunk on Leverington Avenue. The site includes three old mills, a parking garage, parking lot, and outside communal area
    A live-work community that will promoite the integration and collaboration of multiple design disciplines through communal studio and gallery spaces. The idea is also to unify the Manayunk community and designers through public programs such as open galleries, a gym, and restaurant.
    To create a space that expresses and reflects the creativity of the user. This will be accomplished through the use of archetectonic structures to further unify three individual spaces to one cohesive sommunity that will be come a prototype.
    Leasing Office
    Apartment Lobby + Reception
    Gym + Sauna
    Studio Spaces
    Sculpture Gardern
    Rooftop Bar + Lounge
    Apartments - Studio, 1 Bedroom, 2 bedroom, + 2 Penthouse Suits
    Total Square Footage: 150,000 sf.
  • Initial Concept Sketches.
  • Initial Concept Sketch of Exterior Facade.
  • Initial Fourth Floor Layout.
  • Initial Third Floor Layout.
  • Initial Second Floor Layout.
  • Initial First Floor Layout.
  • Original Site and Building Drawings Generated by Louis Michael Iannone.
  • Working Exterior Facade Design + Elevations, Designed and Drawn by Louis Michael Iannone
  • Working Floor Plans, Designed and Drawn by Louis Michael Iannone
  • Wayfinding Plan
    Lavender: Leasing Department
    Magenta: Gym + Sauna
    Red: Apartment Lobby + Reception
    Green: Studio Spaces
    Blue: Gallery
    Yellow: Apartments
    Oranage: Rooftop Bar + Lounge
    Grey: Veritcle Circulation
  • Beginning Process of 3 Dimensional Model of the Lofts at Leverington.
    The 3d Model begins to show exterior application and integration the exterior's design.
    Next steps are to continue modeling exterior facade's and architectural elements and build interior program spaces.
  • Interior Design Inspiration:
    These renderings are not mine - belong to other's on Behance.
  • Exterior Design Inspiration:
    Images are not mine.
  • Noguchi Sculpture Garden Inspriation.
  • Noguchi Sculpture Garden Inspiration.