Urban Traveller

  • For this collection, we were asked to create 2 main prints with 3 coordinating patterns. For the inspiration, we were to look at macro trends. I considered urban migration and what a person who has recently arrived to a big city would encounter.  Crowds of people, skyscrapers, pigeons, row after row buildings... all of these ideas inspired my patterns. The colors tend to the drab side, being cool grays, dusty blues, dull reds, mellow greens, and blacks. I feel like these speak to the subdued, manmade nature of cities.
  • Above is the mood board, which looks at the nature of buildings, crowds, and urban wildlife.
    Below is the color board for 'drab.'
  • Main: Pigeons
  • Main: Urban Toile
  • Coordinate 1: Close Proximity
    This coordinate speaks to the urban density of cities, and how the close proximity of many people can be overwhelming.
  • Coordinate 2: Windows
  • Coordinate 3: Clouds
  • Engineered Print: Crowd