Identity: Chestnut Hill Coffee Co.

  • Chestnut Hill Coffee Co. is a small coffee company with two locations in the Philadelphia metro area. The brand's current image is lacking consistency and structure. The current logo changes from location to location, as do the typefaces. The business offers incredible roasts which are created in their original location in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of the city, which was the inspiration behind the logo. The entire identity then forms a system around this mark brining a new, reinvigorated image to the cafe which forms a better representation in the eyes of customers.
  • The conceptual identity focuses on merging the name of the neighborhood of origin and a play on the roasting of a coffee bean within one of the area's original gas lamps, creating a marriage between location and the business' reason for existence. The color palette contains a relaxed green backdrop in most materials with a smooth off-white and agressive orange, both symoblic of a palette relating to caffinated beverages and the act of roasting.
  • Pocket folder with letterhead, ephemeral menu, envelope, and business card
  • Event and in-store menu with ephemeral menu
  • Letterhead, envelope, and pocket folder
  • Business card detail
  • Coffee bean packaging
  • In additon to physical products, the current website is also in need of a major overhaul. Sticking to the new brand standards, a responsive, validated site is also necessary for business. It is imperative that every small business not only be online, but have their websites accessible from any device, regardless of screen size.