Slide - Design 10

  • In the future, the ideal home will be able to cater to the user’s needs and comfort while cultivating an
    energy efficient environment. Currently, new environmental responsive and user interactive technologies
    are being developed and tested, however none are fully implemented into the build environment. In this
    project, we focused on the building façade and how it can be improved with innovative technology in
    order to move in the direction of smart home. The façade of a home creates a strong connection between
    the user and the exterior in terms of visual and climactic issues. The project goal is to create a responsive
    façade system that relieves the heating and cooling system while lowering energy consumption and cost. The façade is composed of operable windows and a responsive louver system that creates views for the user when compressed. Urban apartment complexes are the prime location to test out this façade because of the optimal views surrounding the building and the amount of people inhabiting the place creates a great opportunity for users to customize a façade on a large scale. A modular façade system that is customizable to every user, while creating a more comfortable and effective environment is one of the first steps to pushing the boundaries of the traditional house and moving into the realm of the future home.