LP Vinyl Album Redesign - Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories'

  • Redesign of Coldplay's newest album, Ghost Stories. 
    The album's concept explores the ideas of heartbreak and acceptance and focuses on how you let the things that have happened to you in the past -- your ghosts -- affect who you are inside.
    My album design showcases the ephemeral idea of ghosts on the outside covers, followed by a beautiful burst of color on the inside, as a way of depicting the contrast between sadness and acceptance.
    The idea of looking up and finding clarity and peace amongst the stars and the lights was a major theme, and since the letter 'O' is prominent in the title, band name, and song titles, I thought it would be the best way to portray the idea of a ghost -- something that was once present but is no longer there. Additionally, the small white 'O' shapes on the interior can be taken to abstractly represent stars (clarity) among the act of discovering your personal colors.
  • Front cover with record
  • Back cover with record
  • Inside