Youth Education Center

    To create an urban space environment and a sense of community through varying functions and expressed by distinct forms in thoughtful relation to each other.

    To give Philadelphia's youth a place to pursue their interests and passions amongst their peers. Programs in art, education, recreation and athletics gives them a place to gain confidence and success, inspiring them to be boundless. 
  • To create a sense of community and social interaction, I have studied urban spaces; specifically piazzas. Piazzas are a surprise opening of space in a packed city grid and are used to make people slow down, regroup, interact, and meet up. Therefore, I have expressed my concept by creating four separate buildings based on program within the volume of space. 
  • Located in University City at the 32nd Street Armory
  • Ground Level Floor Plan
  • Ground Level Ceiling Plan
  • View from entry
  • View from center piazza
  • View from Sports & Recreation area
  • Second Level Floor Plan
  • Second Level Ceiling Plan
  • View from running track
  • Vinette of track on the Second Level
  • Vinette of Center Piazza
  • The building is separated programmatically. Each program is separated by color. The colors are used on the walls and floor to help guide students to their proper destination.