The Measuring Arch, Design III

  •  For this second year school project, I was to design a measurement arch--a small, outdoor, park building”in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park that interacted with the natural environment in some way.
  • I decided to interact with the wind. I placed the arch on a four-way pedestrain intersection, and created a structure with two sails that slowly rotate in the wind. As the sails rotate, two beams on the lower level of the arch rotate in sync with them, and determine which way pedestrians travel when they enter the arch. In this way, the arch conveys the feeling of free-spirited exploration, as pedestrians travel whichever way the wind carries them. I used imagery from sailing to help drive the concept of freely sailing and exploring whatever way the wind may blow.
  • Above is an analytique of the measurement arch, and below are images of a few study models I did of the arch.
  • Later in the semester, in my visualization class, I revisited the design of the measurement arch, and did computer drawings and a rendering. Then, I organized my project into a competition board.