Path Through the Cosmos, 114th Stewardson, Design X

  • One enters Path through the Cosmos with the simple goal in mind of getting from one location along Ebertstraße to another. Nonetheless, upon entering the Path, one finds themselves alternating between opposing conditions of architectural connection and disconnection. Traveling through the disconnection conditions, one can look around and see where they are, and, as they do, they think about their position in the world – where are they now and where are they going? But then, the Path sharply shifts to the connection condition, and one can no longer look about, finding themselves in a narrow tunnel, where what can only be seen are the other people who are sharing the experience of the Path with them; and, as they do, they think about how their position in the world relates to the positions of these other people – where are these people now, and where are they going? Effectively, the Path alternates the experiencer between these conditions of architectural disconnection and connection, outward and inward focus, and, intrapersonal and interpersonal thoughts, creating an experience in which the experiencer becomes more and more conscious of their mind’s contemplation of their role in time and space, and, how that role of theirs both relates to others, as well as creates an identity of its own.
  • Nighttime on the Path
  • Daytime, at a terminal of the Path