•  In planning the concept for my second senior collection, I was inspired by the Disney movie Malificent. Specifically, I wanted to draw upon the use of the heavy contrast of dark and vibrant colors, which were used throughout the set and costume design of the movie. I have always been drawn to the classic renaissance silhouette, Anna Bierdrzycka Sheppard, the costume designer for maleficent, used these silhouettes to transform the actors and actresses into their respective characters. In using the movie as my source of inspiration for the collection, I have developed a color palette, which is drawn from the main character’s physiological change, which is a prevalent theme throughout the movie. The use of darker colors, such as emerald green, black, deep purples, and gold are representative of Maleficent’s sorrow, resentfulness, and vengeance. In contrast to this darker palette, the use of lighter, purples, blues, and gold are incorporated in order to depict the period of time in which maleficent is still and un-jaded and free spirited young girl. In developing the print design for this collection, I adopted the textures prevalent throughout the movie’s set and costume direction. The collection incorporates abstracted prints that are suggestive of luxurious gems that are seen throughout the movie. Textured jacquard and chunky knits are a nod to the wild and untamed world in which maleficent resides.
               My goal is to bridge the gap between high-end ready-to-wear and functional athletic clothing. My first senior collection was solely focused on developing activewear pieces. In juxtaposition to my first collection, this second collection explores the development of ready-to-wear pieces into functional athleticwear. In order to accomplish this goal I have developed ten looks, five of which fall into the ready-to-wear  category with the remaining five looks being active pieces directly inspired by the ready-to-wear pieces. This collectionutaliizes the use of new and untraditional fabrics, such as the use of a gold foil screen print, in my technical active garments. The use of untarditional fabrictaion throughout the along with textile manipulation in order to elevate the active elements to the same caliber of design which is seen in traditional ready-wear.
    The silhouettes featured in this collection, explore the technique of free form draping. I am interested in developing lose yet figure flattering garments, which draw their aesthetic appeal from subtle drape and pleating, techniques. The pieces throughout this collection combine both body hugging and loose forms, which allow my customer to maintain her sex appeal while maintaining the ability to feel comfortable and  confident in her clothing. The fabrication for the pieces employs the use of knits, cashmere, leather, and newer technical fabrics, such a neoprene, to create a holistic sense of luxury across the entire collection.
    In developing the market research for this final collection, I sought to explore the customer base of existing ready-wear brands that I felt best captured my own personal aesthetic as a designer. My goal was to create a collection that could be viewed and in turn be easily associated alongside such brands as The Kooples, Rag and Bone, All Saints, and St. Laurent.  My girl is in her mid twenties to late thirties. She is the type of girl who lives in the city and directly inspired by her urban surrounding particularly drawing influence of urban street wear into her casual wears. She is a strong, educated, successful young women who is not afraid to fight to make her dreams personally and professionally come true. Her competitive drive is translated into her hobbies and thus is an extremely athletic creature who participates in yoga, running, and even rock climbing. Her success in her career enables her be able to indulge in her love of fashion. She is they type of girl who appreciates the use of fine fabrication and detailed construction. It is preference to develop a wardrobe, which is compromised of a few very “special” pieces rather then a closet full of cheap fast fashion.