D4: The Nature Studio

  • Design 4: The Nature Studio
    Spring 2015
  • P01: Radiance Entry Pavilion
    Our first project for Design IV tasked us with designing a universally-accessible entry pavilion for an exercise circuit to be built at Blue Bell Park in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its program required a large lobby and vestibule space, a physical therapy office, and men's and women's restrooms with changing areas. Due to the natural site condition (a heavily wooded area) into which the pavilion would be intruding, I chose to implement a natural organization system into its design. A radial pattern, found often in nature, was used to determine the locations of each structural bay. In addition to including tenets of universal design, I also worked with the topography and location of the site to harness the benefits of passive solar heating, indirect daylighting, ventilation, and earth cooling.
  • P04: Bloom Amphitheatre
    The culminating project of Design IV engaged a previously unused section of Blue Bell Park to create an open air ampitheater. The theater was to house a variety of visual, auditory, and theatrical uses. In response to the steep, bowl-shaped site, I chose to envision the ampitheater as an extension of the park itself, peeling back from the earth akin to the petals of a blooming flower. The complex roof form would be constructed from a series of trusses covered with corrugated plastic paneling to provide a visually interesting interplay of light and shadow during the daytime.