The Age of the Brag

  • The Age of the Brag Concept Board
  • Color Board
  • Subway City background - work in progress
  • MTA Subway sign names - work in progress
  • Subway City
    The Subway City print is a tribute to the public transportation system of New York City, which has allowed tourists to move around the city that never sleeps with hardly any limitations. The following print exemplifies in a bold, fresh and playful manner what a subway city looks like. The idea of layers strongly prevails in this collection as well as in this print. Torn magazine and travel book pages from New York City were used to create a collage for the background layer. All of the text from the torn pages references this city in different ways. Certain articles are about tourism, others mention the reasons to love the city according to the New York Times, and still others refer to its Fashion Week, its famous show Sex and the City, and upcoming events for the younger generation. The end result looked messy but slightly clean due to the neutral black and white colors of the conventional magazine layout. 
  • Luggage drawings - work in progress
  • Make up water color drawings - work in progress
  • Cities - Work in progress
  • Los Angeles page detail
  • Havana page - details
  • The Brag Journal
    Personal documentation of life events has dramatically changed over time. In the past, people would write letters and document important days in their lives in a journal or diary. Moving to modern times, personal journals still prevail but most of these are exposed to a global and wider audience. The evolution of a personal blog is the modern day journal, allowing us to have a network of followers with whom we share our experiences and thoughts, both verbally and graphically. In many personal fashion blogs and travel blogs, individuals document and written journal entries of travels to exotic, remote and amazing destinations, with suggestions of where to dine, where to shop, what to wear and what to pack, what to visit, among others.
  • Silk Scarves