King Fischer and King Spassky Chess Set

  • *This design placed second in an industry sponsored packaging design project.
  • The king Fischer and King Spassky chess set includes: finger puppets, organizational bags, labeled chess board, chess pieces and instructional story book. 
  • The use of bright purple is to catch a child's eye while the product is on the shelf. The characters and fun elements illustrated through out enhance the playful feel of the package. The title has been hand lettered for additional an additional friendly and energetic composition. 
  • The organizational bags help the child organize the pieces for easy clean up. The patterns on each represent both of the king's side. King Fischer is a king who loves food more than anything else. He has a big belly so he can only move one square at a time on the chessboard. King Spassky is scared of everything and lives in a pillow castle full of jewels. Since he is scared, he also only moves one step at a time on the chess board.