Experiential Museum of Art - E.M.o.A. Fall 2015

    Concept: To establish an experiential sensory art museum where the loss of conscious time becomes an illusion with the aid of two recognized methods of perception: sight and sound. Inspriration for this project was derived from 4 artists of my choice: Random International (a exhibition team that utilizes human interaction to produce their works), Steven Bley (a local 2D photographer specializing in beautiful abandoned photography), Joanie Lemercier (a French artsist who designs digital art that focuses on projections of light in spoace and its influence on our perception, and Elias Crespin (a 3D geometric metal sculpture who utilizes computer programing to constantly shift and mutate his hanging, delicate sculptures in a poetic fashion). In researching these artists, I immediately came to the conclusion that in order to fully and emotionally feel each art work, the user must be captivated and directly lost in each's work, thus leading to the design of the Experiential Museum of Art.
  • Perspective looking from lobby to entrance of museum
  • Perspective of lower level L.E.D. galleries
  • White Rain Room Exhibition gallery 
  • Black Rain Room Exhibtion gallery
  • Perspective upon Entrance into museum 
  • Ground Level L.E.D. gallery space
  • Second level Cafe
  • Lobby & Ticket area
  • Section Perspective of lower level L.E.D. gallery space
  • Second Level Audio Visual Gallery Space