The Limbe Medical Clinic

  • The Limbe Medical Clinic will operate as a medical clinic that will help to run the Malamulo Hospital nearby.The Limbe Medical Clinic is a hub for a wide variety of users such as the community of Blantyre, an international community, donors, the client, patients, visitors, conference-goers, international doctors, Malawian staff, and contractors. This provides a complicated dynamic between the community and the international users and doctors. The inter-cultural relationships at the clinic should be celebrated and all cultures should be able to use the space in separation or together. The Limbe Medical Clinic should hold vernacular tendancies, but will be carried out in a more contemporary way. The construction will be traditional enough that the community can help during the building process initially and with repairs in the future, further integrating all users together.
    Through understanding programmatic adjacencies, user circulation, site conditions, the relationship of indoor and outdoor, and human scale and experience, a variety outdoor spaces will be created that offer patients a sense of choice, and bring moments of relief from the high-stress atmosphere of a medical complex. The feeling of confinement and chaos that comes within medical spaces can be alleviated through outdoor spaces that provide a physical and mental release.
  • outpatient waiting space
  • entry
  • section through central healing garden and outdoor circulation paths
  • outpatient observation room