Collection I - DeFace

  • Israel, being a tiny country about the size of Manhattan is usually looked over because of its location, in the unstable Middle East. It is in fact a country full of history, culture and art. Street art in Tel Aviv is very different then any other city in the world. The street art splatters the streets with its raw anguish of the country’s situation whether it critiques social injustices or just the political system that governs the country.  As hard as the situation may be, Israelis have always had a humor to the way they deal with all the instability in the Middle East so not all street artists are so harsh. Some have humoristic twists to their art or just have pieces that are fun and give Tel Aviv a sense of happiness and light to the city. My concept is to portray Israeli street art through harsh asymmetrical lines as well as fun and painterly that will be portrayed through different kinds of drapes.
    My collection will be called DeFace and will be for Fall/Winter. I will be using harsh asymmetrical lines to cut up the body as well as add a painterly drape to my silhouettes too. My customer would be someone who has a edgy style and does not always go for what is fashionable but someone who enjoys interesting and different clothing. I think my collection would range from $100 to $800 if it were to be sold in stores. In my collection all my fabrics have a sort of street art feel or a painterly sort of touch to them. 
  • Mood Board
  • Fabric and Siloutte Board
  • Lineup of the looks I made
  • Lineup of rest of collection
  • Flat Board 1
  • Flat Board 2
  • Flat Board 3
  • Here is the Philadelphia University Fashion show! Sadly they put the wrong name but they are definitely my designs haha but here are my garments on the runway!