National Constitution Center: America's Election HQ

  • Our past Presidents deserve recognition for their achievements. They have helped pave the way for new legislation to help our planet. They have done many great things such as stabilizing our economy, and even put a man on the moon. Achievements are great to look at – but so is scandal. Every President has their hidden secrets that the public doesn’t need to see. The mystique around these secrets has struck popularity with the public for decades, and that fact isn’t about to change. Welcome to America’s Election Headquarters. Honor past achievements, but question everything else you hear. You may just be surprised.
    The goal of the campaign is to attract attention to the museum and its primary exhibit running during the Democratic National Convention, Heading to the White House. Using a mix of on-site collateral, as well as external advertising, a campaign formed that challened our previous heads of state, but also shed light on their achievements. The museum wished to set itself apart from the rest in the region by branding itself as America's Election Headquarters, and to inform citizens about the political process.
  • Posters, bus ads, and external advertising
  • External posters
  • On-site pole banners
  • On-site and external campaign collateral in situation
  • Campaign building banner in situation
  • On-site lawn installation figures depicting Presidential information
  • Lawn installation in situation
  • Campaign lobby publication
  • Icon system unifying the campaign with exhibits existing within the museum
  • Spread: Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Additional campaign materials: visitor wristbands and tickets