Fika Stol / Folding Chair

  • After spending a summer studying furniture design in Copenhagen, designing and building a folding chair gave me appreciation for Scandinavian design and culture. I wanted to incorporate space saving techniques while also heightening the aesthetic associated with folding chairs.
  • After various rounds of quarter scale and cardboard mockups, the mechanism was finalized and I moved on to 
    the final maple frames.
  • The back is curved 12 degrees to increase back comfort. The brass washers and plastic tubing protect steel pins, which hold the frames together and give it surprising strength for a folding chair.
  • The body of the chair is made out of hard maple with a paracord seat. The folding mechanism is made out of steel rods, brass washers, and plastic tubing.This experience gave insight and appreciation for the qualities of maple, and the limits of the material. To extend the life of the piece, all components of the mechanism are replaceable, for a chair that will last.