Watson / Planar Chair

  • The Watson started out with planar form exploration, playing with the structural qualities of cardstock. I was drawn to scoring the material, which added strength and allowed it to be manipulated in organic ways.
  • The organic form catches light in interesting ways, so I moved on to different scoring sizes. This allowed the forms to take 
    chair-like form, and an opportunity to make this become very comfortable.
  • The complex curves of the final design allowed for a slight bend in the seat, allowing for a slight give when the Watson is used. This finished piece aims to take the swooping, organic nature of the initial explorations and combine them with ergonomic and manufacturing considerations.
  • In the making of the final model, polystyrene was used because of its light weight and superior strength. The Watson is a recliner, bending to as much as 14 inches when used. 
  • Watson was inspired by folding leaves and strong connections, making it a neat and comfy piece for any interior.