Entropy and Elements

  • Elements
    Installation view of select photos
  • This series of photographs was taken throughout Elkins Park, with the primary locations being the Elkins Estate, including the former Tyler School of Art campus, and the Widener Estate. They are representational, but presented as an exploration of line, form, and movement. The photographs focus on architectural details, using repetition of form to create rhythm and balance. They can be viewed as individuals or as a collective. It is a series of translations based in aesthetics and composition.
  • Entropy
    Installation view of select photos
  • Pattern has often been an integral component in my work. This series of photographs, taken at the Elkins Estate, references time, process, transformation and evolution. It shows a beauty in entropy and decay.  They are ready-made compositions, already existing, waiting for us to notice them. 
    I normally embrace this hidden beauty in detail and composition, and can enjoy it separate from the decay. However, when photographing the Stella Elkins Tyler house, Tyler Hall, on the former Tyler School of Art campus, I became filled with sadness. Part of this was from nostalgia for my old alma mater, and part was from the reality of the neglect for a beautiful piece of architecture; architecture which was endowed with faith and hope to a school of art, not expecting to be abandoned and left to fall to rubble.