National Constitution Center: Electoral College

  • The National Constitution Center proposed a project that encompassed the branding as well as the advertising of America's Election Headquarters campaign. The Electoral College is a major part of Presidential Elections without your vote we will not see accurate representation of beliefs in the oval office. Making elections and more specifically the Electoral College sexy we can engage Millennials
    to go the voting booths and advocate for changes they want to see in the government. Millennial’s will
    be interested in the museum because they will feel obliged to be part of the voting process to get a positive impact on the society where they live. By letting the millennial generation know they have the power to evoke change. The goal is to convince 18-24 year-olds to be more interested in elections, voting and the Constitution as a whole.
    The final outcomes of this project included, a advertising campaign, a publication, print collateral and a Card game that is a teaching tool about the Electoral College process.