Brief Background
    For my 4th year at Philadelphia University, i opted for a an independent study in Advance Motion Graphics in order to continue to expand upon my experience in knowledge in the Motion Graphics. The independent study requires for mixed media and cross-software projects in order to enhance and elevate the quality of the work i produce while also gaining versatility in programs such as: After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, Animate CC, Illustrator, and Cinema 4D Lite. Together these programs can create immensly powerful presentations.
    Logo Bump: MarsMaybe
           For this particular assignment, it was required to communicate any given thing to a given audience within aproximately 15ish seconds. I chose to produce a logo bump that would play on a gaming youtube channel. MarsMaybe is a gaming alias that I recently began to use, I like to think that the alias pairs well with my actual name Marcus Mabane. Also the alias remains true to the sometimes free-flowing, unpredictable, and uncertainty traits of my beng as an animator as i really enjoy animating in straight ahead but conform and respect the structure of pose-to-pose approach.
  • Particles
    The simple head shape was a sphere toon-shaded and animated in C4D lite. This would have been easier for me to perform in maya, but Maxon's and Adobe's partnership in bring a cross-platform workflow was very inviting. Particles in this bit was a 2 hit combo. First utilizing Animate CC for handdrawn particles which account for 80 percent of the particles on screen, CC Particle World would fill the remainder covering any excess of negative space. An important clean-up step was to apply a roughen edges effect to the CC Particle World solid layer in order to maintain a blobulous feel, in result this would help create a seamless flow.
  • Animating Text
    My Process for animating simply include using the pen to recreate the desired typeface and font, and apply a trim path on the shape layer. I had the chance to enjoy experimenting on how to introduce everything on the screen by duplicating layers, changing stroke sizes, direction of paths, opacities, scales, positions.
  • A Closer Look at the Animated Text