Fashion Styling Final Photoshoot

  • For my final project in my Fashion Styling course, I was assigned to collaborate with my classmates and plan out a professional photoshoot. We got to choose a story, six looks, and a model. We then collaborated with a professional  photographer and hair and make up experts to create a cohesive mood and style. We then spent a whole day assisting in the shoot, doing everything from dressing the model to throwing the skirt in the air mid-shot.
    After receiving the final images, I did some mild layout editting.
    Photographer: Francesco Berandinelli
    Model: Larissa Tafili
    Hair/Makeup: Maddalena Brando and Sandy Giuffrida
    Fashion Styling Professor: Antonella Buono 
    In Collaboration With: Amie Dews, Raiya Jones, Kristina Gaglianese, Stacia Simons, Taylor Stucchio, Brigid Corcoran, and Dana Shapiro.