Animated Video Series: Davis Advantage

  • An animated series of educational training videos for FA Davis Company, used as support material in Davis Advantage. They are part of an interactive assessment tool to help illustrate key topics and concepts in Pathophysiology. The tool is used with reference to college level textbooks and course materials.
    Because I am limited to what I can show, I've created several GIF animations highlighting some scenes from each video I created. There are 25/50 videos total that our group took on from start to finish; storyboarding, designing the graphics/ illustrations, video animation, and adding music/ SFX where appropriate. I am credited to 8/25 videos in this series.
    Production - Kates Media, Inc.
    Animation, Design, Illustration & Editing - Michael Adamo, Geoffrey Beatty, Lindsey Butler
    Storyboarding & Illustration - Terry Laban
    Music/ SFX - audioblocks
    Special thanks to all involved, it was a great experience working with you all!
  • Video Topics:
    Cell Injury
    Cerebrovascular Disease
    Degenerative Musculoskeletal Disorders
    Endocrine Pathologies
    Hypersensitivities Autoimmune
    Inflammation and Wound Healing
    Ischemic Heart Disease
    Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders
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