Stockholm Travel Poster

  • Stockholm Travel Poster
    A poster to attract visitors to Sweden's attractive capital city
  • For this project I had to choose and research a city outside the US and create a poster advertising the city as an American Airlines destination. Other than the measurements and its digital format the manner of completing the project was left open-ended. Immediately Stockholm came to mind as an option. Sweden is known for a clean, modern, and minimalist aesthetic (think IKEA). Yet its capital is one steeped in rich history and medieval architecture. Gamla stan, or “The Old Town” is an entirely picturesque environment dating back to the 13 th century filled with cobblestone streets. The entire city is situated across the islands of the Stockholm Archipelago allowing for scenic views of the many surrounding harbors. My love of both history and the sea made Stockholm just too good to pass up.

    When visualizing Stockholm the style of the architecture and harbor really set the mood and I drew my poster’s scenic view from a photograph (this explains the peculiar shape of the trees, they really are trimmed into that shape). The colors were inspired by traditional Swedish house colors, in particular the residences along the edges of the Stortorget, “The Great Square” in Old Town Stockholm. These colors all contributed to a feeling of the warmth and beauty of autumn and I sought to create a depiction of Stockholm under autumn’s lens. The underlying subtle textures represent the stucco of these medieval buildings and the many rich textures to explore like the cobblestone streets. The bold caption and sub-caption would have strong legibility from a distance as the poster format requires but the choice of san-serif is intentional to keep clean Swedish modernism in mind.