America's Election Headquarters

  • *This project was awarded Honorable Mention in an industry sponsored project by the National Constitution Center.
  • The publication takes the reader through important events in history relating to age, gender, and race equality from the 1800's to the 2000's.  The publication is divided by opening spreads dedicated to the amendment which set the mood for the corresponding movement. The design seeks to reveal to the connection of past historical events to current inequality issue's in today's society.
  • App that serves as a hub of information for all things voting related and the history behind it. 
  • As visitors enter the National Constitution Center they are greeted by three large panels, each dedicated to gender, race, and age. The visitor can interact with the exhibition by writing what is most important to them relation to gender, race or age. This in turn mirrors the act of voting, joining the conversation on current debates in society.