Competition I Stewardson Fellowship in Architecture

  • REFUGEE SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GIRLS I The significant achievements in Syria’s educational system have dramatically reversed as Syria enters its fifth year of war. This war has gone on longer than anyone expected. What started out as short term refuge, continues into longterm stay. So far about 12 million people have been displaced from the place they used to know as home. Education is fundamental to development, economic growth, and is essential for individuals to reach their highest potential. We need to look ahead and we need to look beyond. This is the threshold. There are two worlds. Their world of home and the world of Jordan. They don't feel comfortable here, they do not belong. This school, this threshold, stimulates reflection, self improvement and a is place of permanence in a transitory environment. It is focused on stimulating the youth so that education will produce refugees with knowledge and experience that they can bring home when their country is ready to begin a peace building and reconstruction process. Families frequently relocate from place to place due to unstable conditions and fluctuating access to shelters and accommodations. However, the Mrajeeb Al Fhood Refugee Camp exclusively accepts women, children, and families. Single men are not allowed. For this purpose and need, the school for young girls will be built here. Syrian refugee children will be the central key to their countries recovery and reconstruction. When worlds collide they bring change. And if not, there will be a significant consequence for Syria's future.  
  • Educational Space I A catalyst for flexible use with children of different ages or class sizes
  • Scared Space I Visually private from the outside world the women can pray throughout the day in peace