Glasgow Style Vessel and Research

  • Glasgow Style Vessel and Research
    An in-depth research project on The Glasgow School & The Four
  • The purpose of this assignment was two fold: research a designmovement, and explore the hand/conceptual skills required to design something 3-dimensional. I had to create a vessel/container/package to hold my researchand every piece was to be a reflection of the design movement in some way. Mychosen design movement was the Glasgow School and I focused on the four defining designers of the movement: Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh, Frances MacDonald McNair, and Herbert McNair. Also knownas the Spook School they were known for their elongated figures and their inspiration drawn from nature and Celtic influences.

    Through my research I was inspired to create a chair modeled after those of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The chair is about 1.5 feet tall andmade from painted basswood. The seat of the chair reads “The Glasgow Style”, painted in the style of Mackintosh’s own handwriting. The seat serves as a fitted lid and when opened reveals the space inside. The bottom of this compartment is decorated with a stenciled rose motif. The rose is a recurring motif particularlyin Mackintosh's designs and stenciling was a frequently used technique by the Glasgow Four. They used in often in interior designs, such as on the walls and upholsteryof furniture. Within the seat of the chair sits a hand-bound, hardcover book which represents the work they did with bookplates and the publishing industry. The book consists of portraits of the Four and a selection of their independent and collaborative graphic works.

  • The presentation board showing the respective parts of the project.