QVC Emerging Platform Development Team Logo Design

  • The Emerging platform Development is a department from QVC company.
    Emerging Platform Development team is focused on: Defining a strategic vision to enrich and revolutioniza the customer experience across all QVC platforms.
    We will accomplish this by: Being a value add contributer to the prganization through augmented internal partnerships and uncovering lucrative opportunities that support the QVC business.
  • Logo Process
  • For our team logo design, i though about different sveral different ways to design.
    Every logo i designed both black&white and color.
  • Our team process for breakthrough Ideas are: Why; What is; What if; What wows. The key letter is "w", that's the resion i use this elment to design the logo.
    This logo looks like a letter 'W'.
  • Our department name is emerging platform development,  it is abbreviation for EPD. 
    From this logo, you can find out "E,P,D" three letters.
  • Our team have 8 different kind of jobs and we work together, we couldn't work alone, like 8 different gears in a machine. This logo have 8 circles, every circle is different, but they all have same pivot, and they can go around the pivot.
  • This logo has eight edges, the edges represent 8 kind of jobs, and when you use a strip paper and fold eight times in a special angle, it can be this logo's shape. It means we are together and we can't miss anyone to make work successful. 
  • Final Logo
  • Finally, after disscussed about the logo and make a little change, this logo is the ultimate version.