DOE Race to Zero Residential Housing Competition

  • This project has been a year long endeavor as part of the U.S. Department of Energy Race to Zero Competition. The premise of the competiton is to create a market ready, sustainable, Net-Zero home. This project has been selected to enter from a panel of Philadelphia University faculty and formally invited to compete by the U.S. Department of Energy, one of 10 nationally. 
    The work below is intended as a vingette of the project as it nears completion in the coming weeks. Areas of focus throughout have been:
    Documentation & Detailing
    Energy Analysis
    Lighting Analysis
    Systems Sizing & Design
    Construction Scheduling & Budgeting
    Material Analysis
    Please check back for updates as the project is ongoing.
  • The home is constructed from prefabricated elements allowing for a rapidly enclosable and airtight space. Energy efficency has been a paramount concern from the onset with a special focus on reducing air infiltration and reducing system loads.
    The project has been rated at 32 HERZ, or 68% better preforming than standard new construction. Through in depth analysis of both cost and energy the project is not only energy efficent but affordable with an overall cost to build at $315,000.