Senior Thesis Film: Storyboards

  • Senior Thesis Storyboards
    In this collection you will find multiple snippets of the storyboards that make up my Senior Thesis Film. Be aware that the boards present in this collection do not amount to even half of the storyboards created for the film but these are some of the my strongest storytelling frames. I will be clear to indicate when the  boards BREAK.
  • Break. The past frames show Astrid and Nimble(product of her imagination) having their first "intimate" face off... before Astrid takes off running that is. There is only a one frame skip to the next portion indicating Astrid turning around to bolt away.
  • Break. Astrid doesn't make it far before nimble manages to pounce on her.
  • Break. Still freaked out but out-maneuvered, Astrid allows Nimble Close to her again. Thus Receiving a gross slobbery lick to the face.
  • Nearing the end of the 2 minute short, Astrid and Nimble are buddies. While on the roof Nimble gives out a howl. As Astrid joins in, she snaps back to reality. having never left her work station - but she did complete her sketch.