• This is my second assignment for my Problem Solving course which challenges us to think differently in various ways. We are given restrictions in budgets, materials, and even silhouettes. For this assignment, I was asked to go to either the Zoo or Aquarium and choose an animal to draw inspiration from. From there, I was given a pattern to create a standard shift which was the required silhouette of the project. I was also limited to a $15 budget. We were asked to use a little fabric as possible and so the only fabric I used was the muslin for the shift dress and a small swatch of brown fabric which was hot glued the the front and then painted on. 
    I chose the Short Beaked Echidna which is a mammal from the Southern hemisphere, mostly from Australia. It looks like a hybrid of a platypus and a hedgehog. I furthered my research by exploring the Aboriginals of Australia and their traditional dot art. I incorporated this into my design. To create the dot art, I used marbles, glass beads, and paint.
    Echidnas are covered in fur and then spines similar to that of hedgehogs. To create the fur texture, I used paper basket filling which was glued down strand by strand. The shape of the fur was then spray painted the correct color. The spines have a gradiated coloration which I replicated with skewers that were charred at the ends. 

  • Materials Used:
    Muslin Fabric, Wooden Skewers, Marbles, Glass Beads, Paint, Spray Paint, and Paper Basket Filling.
  • Design X Annual Fashion Show 2017
    Every year, Design X showcases the best works made of unconventional materials from the past year. This show is covered by the local news and online media.