Geometric Ancestry

  • My Degree Project was a series of square scarves silk screened on silk-cotton and cotton with MX Dyes and Thiox. The designs were inspired by my Ukrainian-American heritage. For the past three years, traditional Ukrainian patterns and craft have been a strong influence on my work. Many of my patterns are inspired by Pysanky, Ukrainian easter eggs. For each design, I would draw a radiating grid which I would then reform and reshape, then overlay my patterns.

    I created detailed grids which I filled with pattern, playing with different frames. I started with the circular but began to adapt to the square form. Corners are the most seen part of a scarf when worn. From the original pen and pencil drawings, I created digital stencils to use for screen printing. Each screen was the equivalent of half the pattern making registration somewhat challenging. Although, human error adds character to the forms - which initially bothered me due to my perfectionist nature.

    The colors transformed as a worked. Originally I had planned for a more colorful approach similar to my embossed patterns but upon the original test run, I decided a more muted yet still colorful pattern was less jarring.

    For the final installation, I wanted to create the apparance of someone, a ghost, an ancestor, wearing them. I also decided to include several scarves hanging flat so that viewers would be able to see the full imagery.