Transient: Blue Bell Park Pavilion

  • Located in the Northwestern Philadelphia neighborhood of Blue Bell Hill, Blue Bell Park serves as an integral piece of the surrounding community as well as the greater Wissahickon Valley Park system. A large variety of green space creates a nameless program for play and interaction. This project aims to emphasize the role of the park through the design of a new pavilion/playscape.
  • With majority of foot traffic entering through the various trails of the Wissahickon Valley Park, a new rest station needs to mediate between the strict circulation of the trails and the ambiguous program of the park. By using a series of wood-screened corridors, users are given a unique entry to the park and likewise encouraged to diverge into one of the many trails connected to the park.
    The structure also reinforces the idea that play is momentary experience. Play is a fundamental component of childhood development and can be conceptualized as divergence into individual experiences or nodes. Very similar to the system of trails that lead to Blue Bell Park. This new pavilion allows users the same experience by separating circulation into a series of paths. 
  • Passive Systems Plan Diagram
  • Passive Systems Section Diagram