Plexus: The Urban Network

  • Plexus is an urban reaction to the culture of New York’s dense circulatory system implemented in the tectonic system of society. By lifting the circulation plane from the ground level to an elevated height of 20 feet, this creates a new form of hierarchy.  The essence of circulation is achieved by creating a bridging network that touches Brooklyn and extends passed the site to a subway stop connecting to Manhattan. The “Skywalk” intersects the programmatic functions of the site and divides and manipulates the form. The form is a complete reaction to the movement of the New York’s individual by connecting them to the community. The museum itself it derived and sculpted like an art piece that walks along the “Skywalk” and leaves shards of art to create a social infrastructure for the community. The residential becomes a back drop for the museum and creates a social community by opening up the central core. The social community becomes part of Plexus’s urban network to allow the individual to connect to the home, the community, and to the city.   
  • Plexus was part of a collaborative inter-design studio project for the national ACSA : Timber in the City Competiton. Collaboraters: Dylan Beckwith, Chris Hreunik, Austin Dimare, Paige Hocker & Abby Munns