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  • Sidekick
    Silicone Wallet
  • Done in collaboration with Target and Umbra, the Sidekick: Silicone Wallet was designed to conveniently store an identification card and dorm room key for college students. 

    When developing Sidekick, I recognized that college students carry an ID card at all times for building access, ordering food in dinning halls and safety. In addition, a large percentage of colleges have a mandatory first year housing requirement, in which students are responsible for keeping track of their dorm key. The importance of these two items in the everyday life of a college student lead me to create the Sidekick. 

    Sidekick was awarded first place by the team at Umbra for its design innovation and was further selected to be included in the For Students By Students 2016 product campaign. It was sold online as well as in over 2,000 Target stores nationwide.

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