Transit Collaboration I Design 10 Client Studio

  • East Falls Center 
    In collaboration with SEPTA and the East Falls Development Corporation

    East Falls is a charming and unique neighborhood in Northwest Philadelphia. It sits along a bend in the Schuylkill Waterfront and is surrounded by Fairmont Park and the large Laurel Hill Cemetery.  Historically, East Falls has been a largely working class neighborhood, adjacent to mills and other factories.  Today those mills and factories are used in a live / work capacity for creativities. Row homes line its steep hills, and the upper fallsers enjoy large single family homes.  Adjacent to the Manayunk neighborhood, East Falls is separated by the beautiful Wissahickon Falls, which empties into the Schuylkill river.  People are coming here. As a home for many, East Falls is also a transient destination. A “village by the river” with quick access to Center City, East Falls becomes a portal into downtown Philadelphia. 

    We have an opportunity. 

    The East Falls Train Station has the potential to become an Innovation District 25+ years into the future. As a three phase project, East Falls Center will link economy-shaping, place-making and workforce-training (historically seen through Sherman Mills). As partner driven Research intensive industry with universities, medical campuses and start-up incubators, it will be attractive to and provide value to current residents, new residents, local universities, local businesses, and will become a catalyst into the future.   

    East Falls Center will not only act as a platform for economic and social development but will ultimately provide growth and opportunity for its citizens and the neighborhood.

    1a. & 1b. East Falls Train Station and info center.
    2. Start-up incubators and tenable space for local companies (and the new home of EFDC).
    3a. Three story tower for ground floor retail and upper floor daycare.  3b. Collaborative co-working space and rooftop greenhouse.