• The Hempist is a quarterly publication featuring news, insight, and reviews based on a single topic: hemp. Hemp and its associated products are an upcoming market in the United States. It would be foolish to ignore these facts based on outdated federal law, which is slowly being overturned in multiple states. The ignorance aimed at this plant is staggering. The Hempist aims to educate and facilitate fact; this is not your stoner’s magazine by any means.

    A refined illustrative style meets clear typography and bold headlines. In similar fashion to The Rolling Stone, the aim of this publication will always be to inform in a stylized, trendy way while not substituting information for filler. With the growing numbers of millennials entering the market, as well as “veteran stoners,” gardeners, and herbologists, the publication has a real shot at establishing readership.
  • Cover with illustrative imagery
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  • Feature Article - 'The Stoner State: Colorado'
  • Feature infographics and statistics
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