Free People - Japan

  • The White space I choose to address was the use of primary colors in addition to cleaner silhouettes. My research began by researching the Japanese culture, specifically with the influence of color in Yin & Yang and the importance of balancing black and white with primary colors. The red headed on the far left is the self portrait of a 70's Japanese pop artist by the name of Keiichi Tanaami. At the top of the board I took some one the wavy line details from the painting to ground my Muse Emelie Floge. Finally below I iterated my in cooperation of traditional Japanese garb in combination with contemporary street wear. 
  • Yin and Yang describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary. As an established brand Free People has an established aesthetic of neutral tones and free flowing silhouettes. However, by addressing a white space of brighter primary colors in addition to cleaner silhouettes they can expand their brand to fit a global audience.

    My research began by looking into the importance of the balance between black and white in addition to primary colors. From there I was led to the streets of Japan in the 70’s which brought us avant-garde pop artists such as Keiichi Tanaami who had a heavy influence in my final designs. I was then able to create the new Free People girl: Taylor Lee. Taylor is a 26 year old graphic designer with an appreciation for bold colors and even bolder prints. Her 70’s retro look consists of layers of prints and contrasting shapes as well as her pet bearded dragon Mushu. She’s single, very independent, headstrong, and wants kids someday but would rather have a burrito today. When is not in her home office working, she seeks influence for her work through the streets of Japan, a live action pop art painting.
  • On my illustration board I reiterated the wavy line work from my first two boards. My designs are influenced by traditional Japanese formal wear which added a level of sophistication that Free people as well as contemporary street wear which adds a playful feel to each look
  • I presented by color palette by mimicking the same wavy line work used on my concept board. My collection is intended for Spring/Summer so I used fabrics such as stretch knits, simple cotton weaves, lightweight denim, and rochelle knits. My service design in the left hand corner is inspired by my research on the geometric shapes used in Keith's Herring's pop art. The print designs in the center are inspired by traditional Shenga art work. 
  • I created my flat board before assembling my illustration board so please bear with me when viewing it 
  • Comparing design details and fabrications in my illustrations with elements on my concept board
  • Additional sketchbook pages: