Color and Print Design: Rani Lakshmi

  • This multimedia watercolor is a play of different motifs that I think would make an attractive surface design. Inspired by Hindi religion and culture.
  • This painting includes a myriad of religious, lingual, and mythological symbols, creating a symbiosis of culture and belief. My inspiration Rani Lakshmi stands as the centerpiece. I felt that her open-mindedness and feminist breakthroughs make her a fitting motif.
  • This is a flat illustration I drew from a Micron Pen atop a watercolor slathered canvas. The surface design is essentially an irregular, organical-looking embroidery in varying patterns. This surface design is my modern interpretation of traditional Indian textiles that are to a truly elevated caliber.
  • This multimedia painting is inspired by the women of the Middle East. I found it so beautiful and inspiring how women who wear veils and burqas, elaborate on them. Even though their ways of expressing themselves visually is limited, they find ways to make their appearance beautiful nonetheless. These women who stay so loyal to their beliefs only have their face [if that] and their billowy clothing to express who they are, however they still manage to look stunning. They create exquisite textiles to drape themselves in or find small ways to adorn their traditional garments. I wanted to mimic this idea in a small way by designing my own veil. The embellished fabric is a handmade textile from India that I acquired. I painted a design underneath to play with the idea of transparency.