Disembody: A Collection on Self Identity

  • Disembodied
    "To cause someone's soul, spirit, consciousness, voice, etc, to become separated from the physical body." 
  • This S/S collection is a body work that visually explores the idea of self-identity and how that effects perception. As humans we perceive each other differently and that can be vastly different than how we view our selves. This concept lends itself to a body of work that uses social commentary through shape and structure as well as through fabric choice.
  • This is done by focusing on the mental disorders of Dissociative Identity Disorder & Body Dysmorphia, issues that vastly skew how one sees themselves. To convey the issue of body dysmorphia, garments were designed to accentuate parts of the human body that people typically feel uncomfortable with but in stylish and modern ways. This can be seen in the looks with corseted waists or with large structured pants.
  • The use of wrapped dresses and draped accents are meant to touch on how individuals with these disorders feel self-conscious, closed off, and figuratively wrapped up in their own anxiety. This play on wrapping is seen again on the figures face where bandages are used to skew their identity.    
  • This concept is further explored in the use of specific fabric choices. Light and airy sheers such as crinkle organza where used to expose the human body. This creates a sort of openness that those who are insecure could lack. Soft and luxurious silk jerseys were also used to not only give the looks an expensive feel but also cling to the body to show off its natural shape. 
  • The target client is a young woman who is still finding herself. She is not too sure who she is yet and she isn’t too confident within her skin but she wants her clothing to push her out of her comfort zone. This collection would be set at the designer price point and sold in moderate to higher end retailers.