Loft Apartment

  • Concept Board
  • Concept:
    To capture the organic movement and energy of the people who migrated into Brazil by using the paths they have taken with constant curves that travel throughout the space with bold colors to represent the liveliness of the people of brazil.
  • Materials Board
  • For the materials I wanted to use all natural and muted colors in the living room so it didn’t take away from the sculpture going up the stairs and throughout the space. In the bedrooms I wanted more fun pops of color and textiles to represent the resident’s personality’s.
  • Fourth Floor Plan
  • Fifth Floor Plan
  • Sixth Floor Plan
  • Section of the Left Side of the Loft
  • Section of the Right Side of the Loft
  • Elevation of the Backside of the Loft
  • Perspective of the Main Stairway
  • Perspective of the Private Patio
  • Inner Stairway
  • Looking Down From Private Patio
  • Inner Hallway