Foxy Hollow Design

  • Foxy Hollow Design Competition 
    July | 2012
  • This project called for a re-design for a home in New Jersey. The client, a family of four, was searching for an inviting home that allowed them to capitalize on one of their favorite pastimes: hosting dinners. The existing kitchen was small and outdated. The proposed design presents a large, sprawling kitchen with modern appliances and sleek cabinetry. A large 12-person dining table was integrated into the kitchen for family use or for hosting events. This table was later paired with an identical version in the dining room, meeting the client's requirements of a 24-30 person hosting capacity. The kitchen is also newly designed with wine storage, contemporary lighting, and a vast amount of cookspace.
  • Foxy Hollow Design Competition: This rendering shows the newly designed kitchen. Walls were removed from adjacent spaces to create one large, flowing kitchen perfect for cooking and entertaining. The kitchen's style is a modern-meets-classic approach, with crisp detailing and warm tones.
  • The newly designed kitchen hosts a large dining table to accommodate the family and the extended family. The kitchen also supplies wine storage, vast amounts of cookspace, and modern appliance. The view above shows the kitchen's connection to a newly designed lounge as well as interior glazing that allows a peek into the adjacent dining room.
  • The newly designed dining room provides an identical seating solution as the kitchen's, accompanied by bar seating to comfortably host up to 30 guests. New shelving has been introduced to store the clients 100+ bottles of wine, and new decor enhances the contemporary aura of the space.