Mission Style Midwest Home Design

  • Dated and Dreary to Warm and Cozy
  • This project called for a big revamping. The client, while wanting to maintain the charm of their existing mission-style furniture, felt that the home's living area, kitchen, and sunroom were a bit dated. The home's overall dreary appearance was partly due to the 'blocked off' nature of the home. The main living area was over-separated by interior partitions that allowed for very little visual intrigue across spaces. The proposed design opened up that floor plan, allowing spaces to move between one another seamlessly. The existing home has great natural light entry, so the calculated removal of certain obstructions allowed this light to enter beautifully. A full makeover of the kitchen, dining, and sunrooms provide fresh new spaces for relaxing and entertaining. Capitalizing on the house's lake view, the design was created so that each space produces a framing effect and highlights the view of the water.
  • Before and after pictures: The top image shows the existing living room. The bottom image shows the newly proposed design with integrated bookshelves, new soffit, a warm paint palette, and new sofa.
  • View of the integrated sunroom toward the living area. This space runs alongside the view of the water, acting as an interstitial space between others for relaxing and entertaining.
  • View from new sunroom looking toward kitchen
  • View toward new kitchen
  • Project material selections