Cottage Style Bathroom Design

  • One of the most recent projects from this year is my design for a master suite re-design in a 1917 bungalow in Utah. The client’s existing space contains three sizeable bedrooms and only one small bathroom, creating a tight shared space between the three rooms. The client’s wish is to convert the three bedroom, one bathroom layout into two bedrooms and two bathrooms; one bath and one bed being contained within an elegant master suite.

    The existing plan also contains a cute little sleeping porch: something that I saw as a huge opportunity space in the conversion. Without knowing for certain from the client, I assumed that the sleeping porch (as they often are), is likely fairly unused and doesn’t take much priority as a sleeping/resting space next to the bedroom.

    My idea was to convert what is currently the client’s bedroom into a large master bathroom and to connect that bathroom into a soaking room. The existing sleeping porch will be converted into this soaking room, where a free-standing bath tub will rest in the middle of a tranquil, light-filled space. The master bath will contain a new large shower, vanity, and toilet, allowing for bathing and showering to be isolated into to very separate and distinctive experiences.

    My new layout also suggests a new closet be built in the bathroom for storage. The existing bedroom located adjacent to the newly proposed master bath will become the master bedroom. I have extended its size down a bit to create a more dramatic master bedroom that rivals the size of the new (huge) master bath and soaking room. I have proposed a double french door exit into the back yard in the upper right portion of the bedroom’s plan, and have maintained the existing closet space while providing new doors for each.

    To keep the budget in line, I haven’t suggested many alterations for the existing small bathroom and guest bedroom. Now that there is a proposal for a larger master suite, these two spaces work well for their intention and do not need much alteration. For the bathroom, I have proposed to maintain the existing honeycomb tiling on the floor. I have introduced a new bath tub, large vanity, and paint. For the guest bedroom, I have suggested the retention of the existing wood floor and have provided a new bed, paint, and several other furniture items.
    The client was hoping for a fresh, cottage feel to the aesthetic design. I have designed this space with cool and airy colors, distressed finishes, and overall simplicity.
  • Master suite soaking room
  • Master suite bathroom