Finding Design Opportunities in College Dining Halls

  • Finding Design Opportunities in College Dining Halls

    Utilizing ethnographic research, Michelle Hodulik, Kris Pepper, Matt Hedden, and I visited college dining halls in the Philadelphia area to view how incoming freshmen made their food choices. Poor portion control, unclear nutritional facts and students' inexperience with nutritional independence became leading factors to unhealthy nutritional habits with college students.
  • Video Illustrating the area of opportunity.

    Adam Letherby
    Michelle Hodulik
    Kris Pepper
    Matt Hedden

  • Observational Research
  • Ethnographic research was at the heart of this project. Visiting universities and viewing how students chose their types and quantities of food items allowed for a more influential design.

  • Developing a Nutritional Food Scanner 
  • Developing a table top device that provides accessibility from all sides.

  • Device Interaction
  • Screen shots of the device interaction illustrate how to navigate through menus and receive information. The device also provides a unique number for the student to text for more specific information.