Designing a Better Way for Kids to Learn Healthy Habits

  • The Big Idea

    My idea was simple, provide the health information of a child in a qualitative and engaging way so kids can learn healthy life habits at a young age...

    ...and lets face it, it needs to be fun. So why don’t we look at what kids do in their free time and find ways to gamify health.
  • The final design utilizes an app and band system to qualitatively provide visual feedback while making health fun by representing the data recorded in an in-app game.

  • How it Started
  • Mind mapping the interaction between a person and the outdoors. Linking its benefits to technologies that could be used to record and translate data in a qualitative way.
  • In a the market of consumer health devices, there has been a flood of recently introduced products. These range from athletic products from Nike and Adidas to the Jawbone Up and Fitbit Ultra, but these products provide information to adults in a quantitative and technical way.
    How can numbers on a graph relate to a person?
    As the market for adult health devices continues to grow, there presents an untapped opportunity to design a fun way for children to learn about their health... a time which is critical for developing healthy life habits.

    Providing information about the health of a child in a fun, indirect, and qualitative way allows more of a connection to the information that is being represented.
    Ideation and Development
  • Sun Exposure  Activity Sleep Quality

    Recording sun exposure, activity, and the quality of sleep of the child,  the band displays the qualitative data through a visual display. The LED panels change from red to green in color dependent on how healthy the child's actions are throughout the day.
  • This page presents a breakdown of components as well as provides information on product details like the interchangeable band system.

  • Making the Band
  • Finalizing the model with paint.

  • The Interaction
  • The information the band records becomes represented in an in-app game. Kids can learn how their actions affect them through a game character that reflects the kids daily health decisions.

  • App Game Screen Shots
  • The Bill the Wilderness Explorer game allows the child to see how their actions affect them physically and mentally, and provides a rewards system that gives the child advantages throughout the game. Whether its an energy boost or a sluggish performance, Bill's reaction to the child's health status takes affect during challenges and mini games. The healthier the child is during the day, the better Bill will perform!