• THE SANCTUARY. Throughout history man was always a companion with technology. This relationship becomes a dual growth that can be transported anywhere. Now more than ever the current generation takes their work with them through their laptop or even on their mobile device. Currently, establishments are beginning to mix in this idea of nomadic work. 

         By 2050:    
              Person:  Living will be stationary, work will be mobile | Spatially: Living is mobile, work is stationary. 
  •                              Diagram | Pod Way-finder
  •   POD Elevation | Pod Levels
  •   POD Plans | Function Variations
  • TOP RENDER Alyssa Moyer  | BOTTOM RENDER Julie Carbone
  • TOP RENDER Alyssa Moyer  | BOTTOM RENDER Julie Carbone
  • **A collaborative week-long design project 
    Julie Carbone - concept. diagrams and graphics. renders.
    Alyssa Moyer - concept. 3D model. renders. 
    Danielle schipps - concept. building plans and section