Covanta Research Center - Design VIII (Spring 2016)

    Pilot Biofuel Research Facility
  • Covanta is a pilot renewable energy research facility located just north of downtown Minneapolis Minnesota.  under the local umbrella of the Hennepin energy resource center (HERC) and government funding from the national renewable energy laboratory. ​​​​​​​The research facilities enable researchers and industry partners to develop, test, evaluate, and demonstrate processes for the production of bio-based products and fuels—all with a focus on reducing performance risk and improving the commercial viability of new biomass processes.
  • Biofuel Research Facility Program
  • Biochemical process
  • Level 1:
  • Level 2:
  • Circulation Through Space:
  • HVAC diagrams:
  • General supply and return hvac Diagram
  • Systems Blow up
  • Visiting Covanta
  • Engaging visitors
  • Details Invisioned:
  • Structural Diagrams:
  • Quick Renderings of spaces:
  • Physical Models